Using Light To Probe And Image The Outside World.

Nanostructures for Chemical Sensors


Artificial Olfactive Systems

A chemical sensor is a device that transforms chemical information (ranging from the conce…

Electrical and optical chemical gas sensing

Nanowires and thin films of nanostructured metal-oxide semiconductors oxides target the de…


Electron microscopy and EBL

The investigation of the morphology, structure as well as elemental composition and crysta…

Laser micro/nano fabrication

The use of laser in manufacturing processes is rapidly growing due both to the dramatic de…


Surface-plasmon resonance sensing with cavity-enhanced methods

Optical surface-plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors are nowadays a well-established tool for c…

Thin Film Properties on the Nanoscale: from Oligomers to Polymer, from 2D Materials to Ferroelectrics

The scientific investigations of thin films are a very fascinating subject regarding the p…


Whispering gallery mode optical resonators

Over the last few decades, optical resonators allowed enormous progresses in a number of d…

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