Exploring And Using The Quantum Nature Of Light And Matter

Nonclassical sources & quantum optics


Near-infrared color centers in nanoscale diamond

We investigate the formation and the optical properties of near-infrared color centers in …

Optical simulators of quantum transport in photosynthetic systems and prospects for new solar energy technologies

The study of the mechanisms which drive the energy transport through interacting systems p…


Quantum light state engineering

The Quantum Optics research group develops new tools and techniques to generate quantum li…

Single Emitters for Quantum technologies

By combining advanced photonic materials with single organic molecules, we seek for novel …


Theory of Bose-Einstein condensates, cold atomic gases and quantum fluids

Since the experimental realization of BEC in 1995 the study of ultracold atomic gases has …

Ultrastable Optical Parametric Oscillator

Continuous wave optical parametric oscillators (cw-OPOs) are coherent light sources able t…

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