Quantum simulation and information with degenerate yb atoms

In this experiment we study fundamental properties of matter by employing ultracold atoms of Ytterbium. We focus on quantum simulation and information processes.
Ytterbium is a lanthanide atom, belonging to the alkaline-earth-like atomic class. It features two spare electrons in the outer shell, showing a very particular and rich level structure where both strong and narrow optical transitions are present. By employing/developing new laser sources it is possible to cool the gaseous sample down to the quantum degenerate regime, and to study its fundamental physical properties. The richness of the levels structure of Yb atom offers a wealth of advantages for the investigation and implementation of novel schemes of quantum simulation of physical systems, as well as new schemes for highly-scalable quantum information. E.g., it is possible to investigate systems where a SU(N) interaction symmetry is embedded, or to encode quantum information in two different electronic states, connected by an ultranarrow highly-coherent optical transition.

Research & Technical staff:
Catani JacopoCappellini Giacomo

Associated Researchers:
Fallani Leonardo
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