Development of a combined raman and multiphoton microscopy platform

Non-linear optical (NLO) microscopy offers promising solutions for tissue imaging at sub-cellular level and it can provide both morphological and functional information in a label-free modality. The combination of NLO microscopy techniques providing morphological information, together with those providing functional information is a crucial issue for tissue classification and pathological assessment. In fact, an important feature in understanding the development of a tissue disease is the relationship between morphological features such as architecture, shape, symmetry, and function. The proper combination of NLO microscopy techniques with Raman-based techniques in a morphochemical multimodal imaging approach can image and classify tissues in a fast, reliable, and label-free way. The experiment is aimed at developing an advanced laser scanning microscopy platform that combines non-linear imaging techniques (Two-photon fluorescence, Second-harmonic generation, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging) with Raman microspectroscopy. The main aim of this experiment is to realize an instrument able to provide a morpho-functional characterization of the examined samples.

Research & Technical staff:
D’Uva MassimoQuercioli FrancoCicchi Riccardo

Associated Researchers:
Pavone Francesco Saverio