Lighting and photometry lab

The Photometry and Lighting Laboratory is a structure of the National Institute of Optics in Firenze.
The laboratory purpose is to develop research activities, also in collaboration with other laboratories of the same Institute, as well as activities of measurement, design and consulting for clients.
Concerning the activity of optical measurements, the Laboratory can perform a set of measurements with standardization and defined procedures. Using the laboratory instrumentation, which is all certified e calibrated, it is possible to optically characterize materials, to examine the spatial and spectral emission, both of extended luminous sources and of LED or optical fibres, to perform colour measurements and luxmeter calibrations.
Moreover the Laboratory can supply consulting in the realisation of systems for optical measurements and controls with applications in the industrial or medical field, in “lighting simulation” and in design of lighting sources, following if necessary also prototype phase and realization.
The National Institute of Optics realized the Management System for quality and it obtained the Certification ISO 9001:2000 associated to:
1) Research activity, technical consulting and measurements in the optical field.
2) Design and realization of didactic activity in the optical field.

Research & Technical staff:
Fontani DanielaJafrancesco DavidMercatelli LucaSansoni Paola

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