Ultrastable optical parametric oscillator

Continuous wave optical parametric oscillators (cw-OPOs) are coherent light sources able to narrow linewidth, large output powers and broadly tune in the mid-infrared spectral region where the availability of laser radiation with these features is extremely limited. As a result, a great interest grows in robust and turnkey OPO systems.
The INO-researchers scientific activity is focused on the study and the generation of ultrastable and high spectral purity mid-infrared laser radiation working specifically on the realization of a compact and robust cw-OPO module, designed with excellent thermo-mechanical stability .
The OPO configuration relies on the use of two curved mirrors and two plane mirrors in a bow-tie configuration and a periodically multi-poled nonlinear crystal of lithium niobate (MgO:PPLN).
Particular attention is paid to the selection of the component materials and to the design optimization of the cavity module, which has to satisfy in the same the demand for strength and thermal and mechanical stability.
Therefore, a preliminary ultrastable-OPO prototype is being achieved by the researchers and a study based on simulations is being dedicated to determine the best choice of the materials and the most optimized design.
The compact module structure offers an ultrastable mid-IR coherent light source.
The OPO emission features fulfill the requirements to be used in a variety of fields, including: spectroscopy, climate science, astronomy, defense, fundamental physics and quantum technology.

Research & Technical staff:
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