Acclip – asian summer monsoon chemical and climate impact project

ACCLIP Project aims to investigate the impacts of Asian gas and aerosol emissions on global chemistry and climate via the linkage of Asian Summer Monsoon (ASM) convection and associated large-scale dynamics.

Scientific Objectives: Obtain a comprehensive suite of dynamical, chemical and microphysical measurements in the region of ASM anticyclone to address:

the transport pathways (vertical range, intensity, and time-scale) of the ASM uplifted air from inside of the anticyclone to the global upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS)
the chemical content of air processed in the ASM for UTLS ozone chemistry, and short-lived climate forcers
the information on aerosol size, mass and chemical composition for determining the radiative impact
the water vapor distribution associated with the monsoon dynamical structure

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