Diamond color centers for quantum information and quantum metrology

This research activity is focused on the study of dynamics and on the control of single color centers in diamond and nanodiamond, with application to quantum information and communication, and quantum metrology.
Optically active defects in diamond, so called color centers, have emerged in recent years, thanks to the high fluorescence photostability of the single centers, and the feasible control of localized and highly coherent spins associated to the centers, even at room temperature.
The laboratory, established in January 2015, is equipped with a scanning confocal microscope and magnetic resonance apparatus, to address, initialize, and read-out single color centers in diamond. Currently, we are exploring the use of individual NV centers for quantum-enhanced magnetic field sensing, developing novel schemes of spin control for extending coherence and improve the sensitivity of the spin qubit as magnetometer. We are also interested in the creation of large scalable systems for quantum information processing in diamond using photonic architectures.

Research & Technical staff:
Fabbri Nicole

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