StrengtHening the Italian Nodes of E-RIHS


Funded by: Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca  
Calls: PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020
Start date: 2019-07-01  End date: 2022-08-31
Total Budget: EUR 14.990.798,00  INO share of the total budget: EUR 476.469,88
Scientific manager: Amedeo Cesta   and for INO is: Striova Jana

Organization/Institution/Company main assignee: CNR

other Organization/Institution/Company involved:

other INO’s people involved:
Benassi Laura
Bertasa Moira
Fontana Raffaella
Grifoni Emanuela
Impallaria Anna

Abstract: E-RIHS (European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science) supports innovation and competitiveness of the pan-European research in the field of Heritage Science to give free access to cutting-edge analytical methods, scientific physical and digital databases, skills of excellence for the interpretation, conservation, documentation and management of tangible cultural heritage. SHINE aims at reinforcing the technological capabilities and the degree of innovation in E-RIHS, the equipment of the laboratories, the portable devices and the centres for data science activities.
The actions are different for 3 of the 4 E-RIHS platforms: FIXLAB, MOLAB and DIGILAB. In specific, the unit in Florence (UO12) is part of the hyMOLAB (objective 3), focused on new, innovative acquisition methods via hyperspectral imaging to study heritage materials from the macro to the micro-scale, especially those characterized by high, compositional complexity and heterogeneity. Materials can be analysed in situ without the need of transferring the object in a laboratory.
All the actions will be carried out in an interdisciplinary context, with the creation of nodes able to attract European researchers thanks to the compresence of cutting-edge technologies (specifically developed and optimised for the Heritage Science) and unique skills applied to research for the knowledge and conservation of cultural heritage.