Detail Project and Funding

High average power light source in the green


Funded by: Ministero degli Affari Esteri (MAE)  
Calls: Israel-Italy Joint Innovation Program for Scientific and Technological Cooperation in R&D
Start date: 2011-01-01  End date: 2012-06-30
Total Budget: EUR 260.000,00  INO share of the total budget: EUR 121.905,70
Scientific manager: De Rosa Maurizio   and for INO is: De Rosa Maurizio

Organization/Institution/Company main assignee: CNR – Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (INO)

other Organization/Institution/Company involved:
European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS)
Quanta System Srl
Raicol Crystal Ltd. (Israel)

other INO’s people involved:

De Nicola Sergio
Giulietti Antonio
Gizzi Leonida Antonio
Maddaloni Pasquale
Rocco Alessandra

Abstract: The goal of the project is to develop a high average power source in the green. It relies on the expertise of high power Nd:YAG lasers, specifically on end-pumped intracavity doubled high power AO Q- switched Nd:YAG and on producing LBO crystals and high damage threshold coatings.

The Scientific Results:
1) Cavity-enhanced generation of 6 W cw second-harmonic power at 532 nm in periodically-poled MgO:LiTaO3
2) A 76%-efficiency high-power cw second harmonic generation in LiTaO3

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