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Bright dispersive waves in dual-core microstructured fiber under different laser pumps

Year: 2013

Authors: Tonello A., Krupa K., Andreana M., Couderc V., Manili G., Modotto D., Minoni U., Wabnitz S., Barthelemy A., Labruyere A., Shalaby B.M.I., Leproux P., Aceves A.B.

Autors Affiliation: Universit√© de Limoges, XLIM, UMR CNRS 7252, 123 Av. A. Thomas, 87060 Limoges, France; Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell\’Informazione, Universit√† di Brescia, via Branze 38, 25123 Brescia, Italy; Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, 75275, United States

Abstract: Dispersive wave (DW) generation in microstructured optical fibers (MOFs) is a hotly debated topic in supercontinuum generation. DWs are a typical outcome of strong nonlinear wave interactions, however their spectral positions are mainly ruled by the linear dispersive properties of the fiber: DWs appear at those spectral positions where wavevectors of DWs and soliton-like pulses are matched [1].

Conference title:

KeyWords: Electron optics; Optical fibers; Pumping (laser); Quantum electronics; Solitons; Supercontinuum generation, Dispersive properties; Dispersive waves; Microstructured fibers; Microstructured optical fibers; Non-linear wave interactions; Soliton-like; Spectral position; Wave vector, Dispersion (waves)
DOI: 10.1109/CLEOE-IQEC.2013.6800837

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