Scientific Results

Intra-pulse Raman scattering controlled via asymmetric Airy pulses

Year: 2014

Authors: Hu Y., Tehranchi A., Wabnitz S., Chen Z., Kashyap R., Morandotti R.

Autors Affiliation: INRS-EMT, 1650 Blvd. Lionel-Boulet, Varennes, QC J3X 1S2, Canada; The MOE Key Laboratory of Weak-Light Nonlinear Photonics, TEDA Applied Physics Institute, School of Physics, Nankai University, Tianjin, 300457, China; Advanced Photonics Concepts Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Engineering Physics, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal, C.P. 6079, Succ. Centre-ville, Montreal, QC H3C 3A7, Canada; Dipartimento di Ingegneria dellInformazione, Università di Brescia, Via Branze 38, Brescia, 25123, Italy; Department of Physics and Astronomy, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 94132, United States

Abstract: We study intra-pulse Raman scattering initiated by Airy pulses in optical fibers. Their asymmetric features are revealed from the spectrum of the primary/secondary Raman soliton. Their versatility towards effective frequency tuning is also presented.

Conference title:

KeyWords: Optical fibers; Solitons, Frequency-tuning; Raman soliton, Raman scattering
DOI: 10000000000

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