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The PLASMONX Project for advanced beam physics experiments

Year: 2006

Authors: Alesini D., Bellaveglia M., Bertolucci S., Boni R., Boscolo M., Castellano M., Clozza A., DiPirro G., Drago A., Esposito A., Ferrario M., Ficcadenti L., Filippetto D., Fusco V., Gatti G., Gallo A., Ghigo A., Incurvati M., Ligi C., Marcellini F., Migliorati M., Mostacci A., Palumbo L., Pellegrino L., Preger M., Ricci R., Sanelli C., Serio M., Sgamma F., Spataro B., Stecchi A., Stella A., Tazzioli F., Vaccarezza C., Vescovi M., Vicario C., Alessandria F., Bacci A., Bonifacio R., Broggi F., Cola M., DeMartinis C., Giove D., Maroli C., Mauri M., Petrillo V., Piovella N., Pozzoli R., Romè M., Rossi A.R., Serafini L., Volpe L., Levi D., Mattioli M., Musumeci P., Medici G., Pelliccia D., Petrarca M., Bottigli U., Golosio B., Oliva P., Poggiu A., Stumbo S., Barbini A., Baldeschi W., Cecchetti C.A., Galimberti M., Giulietti A., Giulietti D., Gizzi L.A., Koester P., Labate L., Laville S., Rossi A., Tomassini P.

Autors Affiliation: INFN, LNF, Italy;
INFN, Milano, Italy;
INFN, Rome, Italy;
INFN, Cagliari, Italy;
Univ. of Sassari, Italy;
CNR-IPCF, Pisa, Italy;
Univ. of Pisa, Italy

Abstract: The Project PLASMONX is well progressing into its design phase and has entered as well its second phase of procurements for main components. The project foresees the installation at LNF of a Ti:Sa laser system (peak power > 170 TW), synchronized to the high brightness electron beam produced by the SPARC photo-injector. The advancement of the procurement of such a laser system is reported, as well as the construction plans of a new building at LNF to host a dedicated laboratory for high intensity photon beam experiments (High Intensity Laser Laboratory). Several experiments are foreseen using this complex facility, mainly in the high gradient plasma acceleration field and in the field of monochromatic ultra-fast X-ray pulse generation via Thomson back-scattering. Detailed numerical simulations have been carried out to study the generation of tightly focused electron bunches to collide with laser pulses in the Thomson source: results on the emitted spectra of X-rays are presented.

Conference title:

More Information: – ALBA; BESSY; CCLRC; et al.; John Adams Institute; University of Oxford and Royal Holloway University of London
KeyWords: Lasers | sources | electron bunch e da rivista: Pulse generators, Construction plan; Electron bunch; High brightness; High gradient; High intensity; High intensity lasers; Laser systems; Plasma acceleration, Experiments

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