Results of diagnostic campaign promoted by AIAr in the deposits of the Archaeological Museum of Paestum

Year: 2018

Authors: Oddo M.E., Ricci P., Angelici D., Fantino F., Sibilia E., Alberghina MF., Schiavone S., Grifa C., Mercurio M., Germinario C., Izzo F., Langella A., Massa E., Bracci S., Magrini D., Costa R., Pelagotti A., Zuchtriegel G., Lubritto C.

Autors Affiliation: [Oddo, M. E.] IMT Lucca, Lucca, Italy.
[Angelici, D.; Fantino, F.] TecnArt Srl, Network AIAr Aziende, Bergamo, Italy.
[Sibilia, E.] Univ Milano Bicocca, Cer Univ Dataz & Archeometria, Milan, Italy and INFN, Sez Milano Bicocca, Milan, Italy.
[Alberghina, M. F.; Schiavone, S.] ST Art Test Sas, Network AIAr Aziende, Rome, Italy.
[Grifa, C.; Mercurio, M.; Germinario, C.; Izzo, F.; Langella, A.] Univ Sannio, Dipartimento Sci & Tecnol, Benevento, Italy.
[Massa, E.] Art Test Firenze, Network AIAr Aziende, Florence, Italy.
[Bracci, S.; Magrini, D.] CNR, ICVBC, Florence, Italy.
[Costa, R.] Univ Salerno, Dipartimento Fis, Salerno, Italy.
[Pelagotti, A.] CNR Firenze, Natl Inst Opt, Florence, Italy.
[Zuchtriegel, G.] MIBACT, Parco Archeol Paestum, Florence, Italy.
[Lubritto, C.] Univ Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Dartimento Sci & Tecnol Ambientali Biol & Farmace, Caserta, Italy.

Abstract: Thirty artefacts from the Archaeological Park of Paestum were investigated by means of scientific techniques on the occasion of the 2016 exhibition ‘Possessione. Trafugamenti e falsi di antichita a Paestum’. The multi-analytic diagnostic campaign was aimed at identifying forgeries. Results provided a deeper understanding of both ancient technology and contemporary forgery techniques.

Conference title: Conference on Florence Heri-Tech – The Future of Heritage Science and Technologies

KeyWords: Archaeological Park of Paestum