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Transparent front contact optimization in dye sensitized solar cells: use of cadmium stannate and titanium oxide by sputtering

Year: 2014

Authors: Braga A., Baratto C., Bontempi E., Colombi P., Sberveglieri G.

Autors Affiliation: CNR-IDASC SENSOR Lab and Department of Chemistry and Physics, Brescia University, Via Valotti 9, 25131 Brescia, Italy;
INSTM and Chemistry for Technologies Laboratory, University of Brescia, Via Branze 28, 25133 Brescia, Italy; Centro Coating C.S.M.T. Gestione S.c.a.r.l., Via Branze, 45 25123 Brescia, Italy

Abstract: A reliable transparent front contact of cadmium stannate (CTO) and titanium oxide (TiO2) entirely deposited by magnetron sputtering has been studied and applied to build standard dye-sensitized solar cell. CTO gives very high average optical transmittance (T-avg >= 90%) along with competitive sheet resistance (R-sheet <= 15 Omega/sq), while a very thin layer of TiO2 (thickness < 5 nm) acts as buffer layer to prevent charge recombination. The matched materials allow achievement of good performances of the cells, in terms of short circuit current and power conversion efficiency. UV-visible spectrophotometry, glancing incident X-rays diffraction and X-rays reflectivity techniques were used to characterize thin films before cell realization; sealed solar cells were tested under simulated solar irradiance at 1 Sun to determine functional properties. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Journal/Review: THIN SOLID FILMS

Volume: 555      Pages from: 18  to: 20

More Information: This work was supported by OIKOS s.r.l. (Brescia, Italy).
KeyWords: Cadmium stannate (CTO); Titanium oxide (TiO2); Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs); Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs); Buffer Layer (BL)
DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2013.08.008

Citations: 7
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