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Diode Pumped thin ceramic slab Nd:YAG Laser, with 230 W average power and 43% conversion efficiency

Year: 2013

Authors: Ciofini M., Lapucci A.

Autors Affiliation: C.N.R. – National Research Council, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Largo Enrico Fermi 6, I-50125 Firenze, Italy

Abstract: In the last ten years we have been working on the design, construction and testing of several diode pumped solid state lasers with various formats, all based on a thin slab ceramic active medium. We adopted different cooling and pumping schemes. A novel configuration with passive cooling, edge-pumping and edge zig-zagged internal propagation has recently shown a high conversion efficiency (43% optical conversion and 60% slope) at a 230 W CW extraction level.

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More Information: Sponsors: European Office of Aerospace Research and Development; OSA; Quantel; Global Analitik; Mateck GmbH
KeyWords: Ceramic lasers; Diode pumped lasers; Diode pumped solid state laser; Extraction level; High conversion efficiency; Optical conversion; Pumping schemes; Slab lasers, Ceramic materials; Diodes; Pumping (laser); Slab mills; Solid state lasers, Neodymium lasers
DOI: 10.1117/12.2009016

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