Continuous-variable nonlocality test performed over a multiphoton quantum state

Year: 2012

Authors: Vitelli C., Cunha MT., Spagnolo N., De Martini F., Sciarrino F.

Autors Affiliation: Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Università di Roma, piazzale Aldo Moro 5, IT-00185 Roma, Italy;
Departamento de Matemática, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Caixa Postal 702, 30123-970 Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil;
Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze Fisiche della Materia, piazzale Aldo Moro 5, IT-00185 Roma, Italy;
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, via della Lungara 10, IT-00165 Roma, Italy;
Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (INO-CNR), largo Fermi 6, IT-50125 Firenze, Italy

Abstract: We propose to exploit a continuous-variable measurement, based on displacing the input field at different points of the phase space, over a multiphoton state produced by a high-gain optical parametric amplifier. We show that by correlating the different values of the displaced parity operators obtained from the two separated parties, it is possible to violate a Bell’s inequality and thus demonstrate the nonlocality of the overall state. The robustness of the results against two independent sources of error, loss and dephasing, is also discussed.


Volume: 85 (1)      Pages from: 012104  to: 012104

More Information: F.S., C.V., and N.S. acknowledge support by the Futuro in Ricerca Project HYTEQ and Progetto d\’Ateneo of Sapienza Universita di Roma. M.T.C. acknowledges support from the Brazilian CNPq and Fapemig and also the CNPq-CNR collaboration program under project No. 490257/2009-7.
KeyWords: bell inequalities; violation;
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.85.012104

Citations: 4
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