Microscopy imaging and quantitative phase contrast mapping in turbid microfluidic channels by digital holography

Year: 2012

Authors: Paturzo M., Finizio A., Memmolo P., Puglisi R., Balduzzi D., Galli A., Ferraro P.

Autors Affiliation: CNR—National Institute of Optics, Via Campi Flegrei, 34, I-80078, Pozzuoli (NA), Italy;
Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Health Care@CRIB, Istituto, Italiano di Tecnologia, P.le Tecchio 80, 80125, Napoli;
Istituto Sperimentale Italiano ‘‘Lazzaro Spallanzani’’, Localita` La Quercia, 26027—Rivolta d’Adda, Cremona, Italy

Abstract: We show that sharp imaging and quantitative phase-contrast microcopy is possible in microfluidics in flowing turbid media by digital holography. In fact, in flowing liquids with suspended colloidal particles, clear vision is hindered and cannot be recovered by any other microscopic imaging technique. On the contrary, using digital holography, clear imaging is possible thanks to the Doppler frequency shift experienced by the photons scattered by the flowing colloidal particles, which do not contribute to the interference process, i.e. the recorded hologram. The method is illustrated and imaging results are demonstrated for pure phase objects, i.e. biological cells in microfluidic channels.

Journal/Review: LAB ON A CHIP

Volume: 12 (17)      Pages from: 3073  to: 3076

More Information: The authors thank Dr Karl A. Stetson for the useful discussions. This work is supported by the project SESSIBOV 9106/7303/2009 of the Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali and by PON project MONICA funded by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research).
DOI: 10.1039/c2lc40114b

Citations: 65
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