Ultra-compact R.F.-discharged Pulsed CO2 laser

Year: 1996

Authors: Rossetti F., Labate A., Mascalchi S., Lapucci A.

Autors Affiliation: INOA-Istituto Nazionale di Ottica

Abstract: An ultra-compact slab-type CO2 laser has been operated in a pulsed regime obtained by switching the R.F. discharge Laser pulses with power up to 480 W have been obtained at Pulse Repetition Rates (P.R.R.) in the range 0.5 – 10 kHz. The laser pulses have very fast rise and fall times resulting in an almost square-wave shape with the peak power lasting over 200 µs. Switch-on delay times around 20 µs allow P.R.R.s up to 20 kHz. The maximum average power of our experimental units was 90 W (at a conversion efficiency around 15%), limited mainly by the water cooling circuit.

Conference title: CLEO/Europe ‘96

KeyWords: Electric discharges; Laser beams; Laser modes; Laser pulses; Laser resonators; Light propagation; Mirrors; Modal analysis, Concave spherical mirror; Convex cylindrical mirror; Pulse repetition rates; Switch on delay times; Transverse direction, Carbon dioxide lasers