Nove types of ionizing radiation sources at LNF-PLASMONX facility

Year: 2007

Authors: Giulietti D., Giulietti A., Gizzi LA., Tomassini P., Serafmi L., Petrillo V., Vaccarezza C., Ferrario M., Oliva P., Stumbo I., Delogu P., Bottigli U., Bertoluccl S., Calvetti M.

Autors Affiliation: Physics Department of the University and INFN, Pisa, Italy; IPCF-CNR, Pisa, Italy; INFN Section of Milano, Italy; LNF-INFN, I-00044 Frascati (RM), Italy; Mathematics and Physics Department of University of Sassari and INFN Section of Cagliari, Italy; Physics Department of University of Siena and INFN Section of Pisa, Italy

Abstract: The INFN Strategic Project PLASMONX (PLASma acceleration and MONochromatic X-ray production) deals with the reation of a High Intensity Laser Laboratory at LNF (HILL@LNTF) beside the SPARC bunker, with which it will communicate via a channel for the propagation of laser beams. In this laboratory FLAME (Frascati Laser for Acceleration
and Multidisciplinary Experiments), a 200TW, 30fs, IOHz Ti:Sapphire Laser, will be set up. The main goals of this project are: 1) demonstration of high-gradient acceleration of relativistic electrons injected into electron plasma waves excited by ultra-short, super-intense laser pulses; 2) development of a monochromatic and tuneable X-ray source in the 20-1000 keV range, based on Thomson Scattering of laser pulses by the 20-200
MeV electrons of the LINAC of the SPARC project. One of the aims of the project consists in the realization of a pulsed source of ionizing radiation for R\&D activity in different fields.


Volume: 6634      Pages from: 66341F  to: 66341F

KeyWords: FLAME
DOI: 10.1117/12.742090

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