A femtosecond neutron source

Year: 2006

Authors: Macchi A.

Autors Affiliation: Università di Pisa, PolyLAB, CNR-INFM, Dipartimento di Fisica “E. Fermi” Largo B Pontecorvo 3, I-56127 Pisa, Italy.

Abstract: The possibility of using the ultrashort ion bunches produced by circularly polarized laser pulses to drive a source of fusion neutrons with sub-optical cycle duration is discussed. A two-sided irradiation of a deuterated thin foil target produces two counter-moving ion bunches, whose collision produces an ultrashort neutron burst. Using particle-in-cell simulations and analytical modeling, it is calculated that, for intensities of a few 10(19) W cm(-2), more than 10(3) neutrons per Joule may be produced within a time shorter than one femtosecond. Another scheme based on a layered deuterium-tritium target is outlined.


Volume: 82 (3)      Pages from: 337  to: 340

KeyWords: laser-plasma interactions; laser-driven nuclear reactions; fusion neutron sources; particle-in-cell simulations;
DOI: 10.1007/s00340-005-2092-y

Citations: 26
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