Features of ion acceleration by circularly polarized laser pulses

Year: 2007

Authors: Liseikina T.V., Macchi A.

Autors Affiliation: polyLAB, CNR-INFM, and Dipartimento di Fisica “E. Fermi,” Università di Pisa, Pisa I-56127, Italy

Abstract: The characteristics of a MeV ion source driven by superintense, ultrashort laser pulses with circular polarization are studied by means of particle-in-cell simulations. Predicted features include high efficiency, large ion density, low divergence, and the possibility of femtosecond duration. A comparison with the case of linearly polarized pulses is made. (C) 2007 American Institute of Physics.


Volume: 91 (17)      Pages from: 171502-1  to: 171502-3

KeyWords: laser-plasma interactions; ion acceleration by laser beams; particle-in-cell simulations
DOI: 10.1063/1.2803318

Citations: 73
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