Temperature dependence of coherent resonances in Na and Cs cells

Year: 2003

Authors: Alzetta A., Cartaleva S., Gozzini S., Lucchesini A., Marinelli C., Moi L., Karaulanov T., Andreeva C., Biancalana V., Dancheva Y., Mariotti E.

Autors Affiliation: INFM-Dipartimento di Fisica,Universita di Pisa;
Institute of Electronics, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria;
INFM-Universita di Siena, Dipartimento di Fisica.

Abstract: Temperature dependences of coherent resonances in Na and Cs atoms prepared by two coherent laser frequencies or two polarizations of single frequency laser field are presented. It is shown that the temperature dependence of the amplitude or contrast of the resonances in most cases exhibits a maximum. For both types of coherent resonances, a reason for the contrast reduction at higher temperature is the increased absorption of the laser light along the gas cell due to the optical thickness of the medium. Spin-exchange collisions lead to resonance contrast reduction more effectively in a cell with pure alkali atoms.


Volume: 5226      Pages from: 129  to: 133

KeyWords: Coherent population trapping; Optical pumping; Sodium; Cesium;
DOI: 10.1117/12.519089

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