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Quantitative analysis of thin samples by differential absorption imaging using a laser-plasma soft X-ray source

Year: 2005

Authors: Köster P., Galimberti M., Giulietti A., Giulietti D., Gizzi LA., Labate L., Laville S., Suárez Garcia E.

Autors Affiliation: CNR, Area Ric Pisa, Intense Laser Irradiat Lab, IPCF, I-56124 Pisa, Italy;
Univ Pisa, Dipartimento Fis, I-56100 Pisa, Italy;
Ist Nazl Fis Nucl, Sez Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Abstract: We consider the application of the differential absorption imaging technique in the soft X-ray region. The surface-density maps of test samples containing bromine, resulting from the application of the differential absorption imaging technique, are presented. Images of the samples were obtained in an X-ray monochromatic projection imaging scheme based on a spherically bent crystal using line emission close to the L-2 edge of bromine from a microplasma produced by focusing a nanosecond laser on the surface of an aluminum target.


Volume: 80 (7)      Pages from: 897  to: 903

KeyWords: synchrotron-radiation; coronary angiography; spherical crystal; resolution; spectroscopy
DOI: 10.1007/s00340-005-1813-6

Citations: 2
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