Evolution of colours in football shirts through colorimetric measurements: Fiorentina´s case

Year: 2019

Authors: Farini Alessandro; Baldanzi Elisabetta; Raffaelli Marco; Russo Francesco

Autors Affiliation: CNR-Istituto Nazionale di Ottica

Abstract: Football fans express their identification with their team especially with colours of football shirts. The respect of “”tradition”” is something so important that very small changes can provoke anger in fans, who express their opposition in news and social media. This could create problems for merchandising. Fiorentina (Florence?s football team) wears purple shirts, very uncommon in football world. In collaboration with Fiorentina Museum we have measured, with two different spectrophotometers, colours of shirts from the fifties to nowadays. We have evaluated the problems related to ageing and we have measured different points from the same shirts, different shirts from the same season and details different from the purple colour (e.g white used for numbers). Measurement show a clear change in colour during the considered years, strictly related to the introduction of colour television and new strategy of merchandising. Furthermore it is evident that every kit manufacturer prefers creating its own colour despite the existence of an “”official”” Fiorentina?s colour. Such measurements, made on shirts of proved authenticity, permit to improve the analysis about “”historical shirts””, helping to discriminate between authentic or fake shirts: an important topic because an original shirt from Fiorentina first Italian league winner season could be sold for 5000 EUR. One example of very well-done fake shirts is illustrated.


Volume: 11 (1)      Pages from: 41  to: 46

KeyWords: colorimetry, purple, colors in textiles
DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110105