Topology identification of autonomous quantum dynamical networks

Year: 2022

Authors: Gherardini S., Van Waarde H.J., Tesi P., Caruso F.

Autors Affiliation: CNR-INO, Area Science Park, Basovizza, Trieste, I-34149, Italy; Department of Physics and Astronomy & LENS, University of Florence, Sesto Fiorentino, I-50019, Italy; SISSA, via Bonomea 265, Trieste, I-34136, Italy. Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Department of Information Engineering, University of Florence, via di Santa Marta 3, Florence, 50139, Italy.

Abstract: Topology identification comprises reconstructing the Hamiltonian, and thus the corresponding interaction terms, by properly processing measurements of its density operator within a fixed time interval. It finds application in several quantum technology contexts, ranging from quantum communication to quantum computing or sensing. In this paper we provide analytical conditions for the solvability of the topology identification problem for autonomous quantum dynamical networks (i.e., as in our case, not explicitly depending on time via the use of an external drive). The solvability condition is then converted in an algorithm for quantum network reconstruction that is easily implementable on standard computer facilities. The obtained algorithm is tested for Hamiltonian reconstruction on numerical examples based on the quantum walks formalism.


Volume: 106 (5)      Pages from: 052426  to:

More Information: The authors gratefully acknowledge funding from CODYCES, and the University of Florence through the project Q-CODYCES. S.G. and F.C. also acknowledge funding from the Fondazione CR Firenze through the QUANTUM-AI project, and from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 828946 (PATHOS).
KeyWords: Topology identification, Quantum networks, Autonomous quantum dynamical systems
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.106.052426