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The broadband fourier transform spectrometer for the REFIR (radiation explorer in the far infrared) space mission

Year: 2005

Authors: Palchetti L., Bianchini G., Carli B., Castagnoli F., Cortesi U., Pellegrini M., Esposito F., Restieri R., Serio C., Cuomo V.

Autors Affiliation: Istituto di Fisica Applicata, \’Nello Carrara\’ – CNR, Via Panciatichi 64, 50127 Firenze, Italy; DIFA, Universita\’ della Basilicata, C.da Macchia Romana, 85100 Potenza, Italy; Istituto di Metodologie per l\’Analisi Ambientale – CNR, C.da S. Loja, 85050 Tito Scalo, Potenza, Italy

Abstract: A room-temperature broadband FTS was designed for the characterization of the Earth outgoing flux in the FIR spectral range with a resolution of half wavenumber. Laboratory characterization and field measurements (ground-based and balloon) are shown. (WEB page:

Conference title:

KeyWords: Field measurement; Fourier transform spectrometers; Ground based; Radiation explorer in the far infrared; Room temperature; Space missions; Spectral range; Wave numbers, Spectroscopy
DOI: 10.1364/FTS.2005.FWB3

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