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Validation of line and continuum spectroscopic parameters with measurements of atmospheric emitted spectral radiance from far to mid infrared wave number range

Year: 2012

Authors: Masiello G., Serio C., Esposito F., Palchetti L.

Autors Affiliation: CNISM, Unità di Ricerca di Potenza, Università della Basilicata, Italy; IFAC/CNR, Florence, Italy

Abstract: The latest release of a high-resolution transmission molecular absorption database along with two improved models of water vapor continuum absorption are used to check their impact on the improvement of state-of-art radiative transfer. Radiative transfer performance has been assessed using high mountains atmospheric emitted spectral downwelling radiance observations in the 360-1200cm -1 spectral regions. These high mountains observations are particularly suited to check the behavior and performance in the water vapor rotation band. In addition, they also have allowed us to gain insight into understanding the quality of recent new compilation of lines and related treatment for the ? 2 CO 2 band and the O 3 band at 9.6µm. Comparisons are made between forward calculations of atmospheric transmission spectra and spectral radiances measured using two ground-based Fourier transform instruments. The results demonstrate that water vapor absorption largely benefits from the recent improvement in the related continuum (both self and foreign). In addition, ozone absorption is very accurately reproduced and, although to a less extent, this is also the case of CO 2 absorption in the long wave ? 2 band.


Volume: 113 (11)      Pages from: 1286  to: 1299

KeyWords: Atmospheric transmission spectra; Down-welling; Far infrared; Fourier transform spectrometers; Gain insight; Ground based; High mountains; High resolution; Improved models; Long waves; Molecular absorption; Ozone absorption; Spectral radiance; Spectral region; Spectroscopic parameters; Transfer performance; Water-vapor absorption, Carbon dioxide; Infrared spectroscopy; Ozone; Radiative transfer, Water vapor, absorption; carbon dioxide; database; FTIR spectroscopy; ozone; radiative transfer; water vapor
DOI: 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2012.01.019

Citations: 15
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