Author: De Nicola Sergio Category: Books or Chapters 

1) Infrared holography for wavefront reconstruction and interferometric metrology
By: De Nicola S., Geltrude A., Locatelli M., Al-Naimee K., Meucci R., Arecchi F.T. Year: 2011 (Cit.: 0 DOI: 10.5772/19827)

2) Visual and Quantitative Characterization of Ferroelectric Crystals and Related Domain Engineering Processes by Interferometric Technique
By: Ferraro P., Grilli S., Paturzo M., De Nicola S. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

3) Digital holography: a non-destructive technique for inspection of MEMS
By: Coppola G., Grilli S., Ferraro P., De Nicola S., Finizio A. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

4) Modulational Instability of Cylindrical and Spherical NLS Equations. Statistical Approach
By: Grecu A.T., De Nicola S., Fedele R., Grecu D., Visinescu A. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

5) Advanced Thermochromic Plastics for Optical Temperature Sensing
By: Carotenuto G., Longo A., De Nicola S., Nicolais F. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

6) Special Solutions of some Generalized NLS Equations
By: Visinescu A., Grecu D., Fedele R., De Nicola S. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

7) Analytical and numerical aspects in solving the controlled 3D Gross-Pitaevskii equation
By: Fedele R., Jovanovic D., De Nicola S., Eliasson B., Shukla P.K. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

8) Some mathematical aspects of the correspondence between the generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation and the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation
By: Fedele R., De Nicola S., Grecu D., Visinescu A., Shukla P.K. Year: 2009 (Cit.: 0)

9) Controlling Image Recostruction Process in Digital Holography
By: Ferraro P., De Nicola S., Coppola G.
Year: 2006 (Cit.: 0)

10) Digital Hoplography: recent advancements and prospective improvements for applications in microscopy
By: Ferraro P., Coppola G., S. De Nicola Year: 2005 (Cit.: 0)

11) Phase Reconstruction Method for Wave Front Analysis in Two Beam Shearing Interferometry
By: Chugunov V., De Nicola S., Ferraro P., Finizio A., Gurov I., Koviazin R., Volkov M. Year: 2001 (Cit.: 0)

12) Compensation of Aberrations in Fresnel off-axis Digital Holography
By: De Nicola S., Ferraro P., Finizio A., Pierattini G. Year: 2001 (Cit.: 0)