Headquarters of Arcetri

Arcetri is the historical site of the National Institute of Optics since 1927. Here the Head Office, the Administration, most of the laboratories and of the training activities are located.
The Arcetri hill is a symbol of the history of Physics: nearby Galileo lived and died; Garbasso, Fermi, Rossi, Bernardini, Occhialini, Racah worked in a not distant building; on the top of the hill, then, is the Observatory. Besides, for some decades Vasco Ronchi carried on his fundamental studies in Optics.
The INO Arcetri building hosts also the optics, electronics and mechanics workshops, a conference room, a computer room, a meeting room and other structures to support research activities
Largo Fermi 6, 50125 – Firenze
Tel: 055-23081
Fax: 055-2337755

The Head of the unit is: Dr. Alessandro Farini

Research Activities:
Biomedical Optics
Heritage Science
High power / high pulse energy solid state lasers
non linear dynamics
Optical Measurements & Tests Lab
Photometry & Lighting Lab.
Smart and Solar Energy Materials Lab
Solar Collectors Lab
ViOLa Lab (Visual Optics Lab)

Project Funding
In 2024 the activities of the unit are supported by funds of projects, with a total budget of EUR 2.997.137,23
Late onset Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) in the differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases: development of new diagnostic procedures and focus on potential pharmacological chaperones (PCs) (LYSOLATE)
European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Implementation Phase (E-RIHS IP)
Potenziamento dei Nodi Italiani in E-RIHS – Rafforzamento del capitale umano delle infrastrutture di Ricerca (PNIR SHINE Firenze)
Renewable Energy System and Oxygen/Hydrogen coproduction (RESOH)
Safe Access in Protected environments via Optical Remote Inspection (SAPORI)
Advancing shock ignition for direct-drive inertial fusion (Advancing shock ignition for direct-drive inertial)
Extreme Optical Nonlinearities in 2D materials for Far-Infrared Photonics (EXTREME-IR)
Multiplexed OAM Hybrid Near-Mid Infrared Link (OMyLink)
Accurate fermentation monitoring through multi sensorial approach (Ponzoni_PRIN22)
SMARTly Quantum light source for Einstein Telescope (SMART_Q_ET)
BISTROT BIfacial SpecTRal splitting Optical concentrator for 4-Terminal photovoltaics (Fontani_001)
RISEnergy (RISEnergy)