Large aperture telescope technology (latt)

The LATT Project, sponsored by the European Space Agency, aims to the development of innovative technologies for the realization of deployable space telescopes. In practice, when building a space telescope with a few meters diameter, it is preferable to realize several tiles, which will be located in their final positions once in orbit. This method requires that the primary mirror is adaptive, and of course that it is lightweight. Within the Project, CNR-INO realized two substrates for adaptive mirrors, made in Zerodur, with diameter 40 cm, curvature radius 5 meters and thickness 1 mm (+/- 3 micron), with both surfaces polished at optical level. One of these two substrates has been coated with aluminum on both sides, provided with actuators and mounted on a carbon fibers holder. Then optical, mechanical, thermal and vacuum tests have been performed. Last test has been the vibration test, in order to simulate the launch conditions. For this purpose, the mirror has been locked by electrostatic force to the holder. The results of these activity, which will be completed in October 2015, have been spread in this way:

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L. Gambicorti, F. D

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Photo of a thin mirror substrate during the surface quality test
Photo of the mirror after integration

Personale INO dipendente:
D’Amato Francesco, Pucci Mauro,