Characterization of new materials for solid state sources

The main research fields of the group are the study and the characterization of new solid state materials for coherent and incoherent light sources. In this respect we perform some researches and characterizations of solid state laser in the near infrared. The activated hosts with Yb3+ and Nd3+ are crystal and more recently ceramics of different origin. In particular we characterized in energy, slope efficiency, thermal lens effects, tuning range, and stress depolarization of the laser radiation the following active media: Yb:YLF, Yb:YAG, Yb:Lu2O3, Yb:Sc2O3, Yb:LuAG etc. and Nd:YAG, Nd:glass, Nd: Lu2O3, Nd:Y2O3 etc. When the crystals were isotropic it was possible to realize and test the relative ceramics. Recently we moved on the phosphors field to convert the LED blu light in the white one with the goal of the Rare Earth substitution in these compounds. Another field of investigation deals with the laser in LIDAR systems for environmental applications to monitor the pollution level.

Thermal lens characterization setup
Thermal load induced aberration measured with a Shack-Harmann sensor

Personale INO dipendente:
Ciofini Marco, Lapucci Antonio, Pucci Mauro, Calzolai Roberto, Toci Guido,

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Vannini Matteo,