Smart and Solar Energy Materials Lab

Magnetic goethite nanorods (alpha-FeOOH)

Multiscale textures on the surface of TaB2 ultra-high temperature ceramics (Optical Materials vol. 109, paper no. 110347 (2020)


Since 2012, the Smart and Solar Energy Materials Laboratory is focused on the study of optical properties of new materials: solid, liquid, thin films and nanostructures, mainly for applications in the solar energy field.

The available scientific instruments allow spectral analysis of materials over an extremely wide range of wavelengths, in the ultraviolet, visible, near, mid and far infrared, corresponding to a spectral range from 0.2 to 50µm (50000-200 cm-1). It is also possible to measure the spectral emittance of materials as a function of temperature up to 1000°C. Transmittance, reflectance, spectral fluorescence, thermal emittance and absorption are the main physical characteristics investigated.
The laboratory follows mainly three lines of research:
1)    Solar absorbers
2)    Nanofluids
3)    Luminiscent materials.
The Laboratory participates in European and national projects and has many collaborations with research organizations and industries. For more information, see the Lab’s Publication list.

INO Staff

Di Rosa Daniele
Mercatelli Luca
Sani Elisa (Contact Person)

Personnel not belonging to INO

Aldo Dell’Oro