Farini Alessandro

Professional Profile: Research Director (Employee)
Activity field: Research
Main office/laboratory: Firenze – Sede Arcetri
Office phone number: 055-2308222
Laboratory phone number: 055-2308315
Personal Web page: YES

ResearcherID: K-7520-2012OrcidID: 0000-0003-4088-7622ScopusID: 9839976300
Primary activity: @ Ophthalmic optics: This field of research regards every device that cab be useful to improve human vision. We have studied, for example, progressive addition lenses, contact lenses, filter lenses, sunglasses, lighting.

@ Lighting: E.g.: Relationship between vision and lighting, colour rendering of light sources, influence of light on color perception.

@Optometric test: we can check optometric test from photometric and colorimetric point of view, but also from psychophysical point of view.

@ Ergonomy: e.g. readibility of web pages, readibility in low contrast texts.

Vision research: bistable figures, intermodal matching of vision and audition, attentive tasks.

Main experiences acquired: Research in psychophysics, visual ergonomy, ophthalmic optics, lighting. Project management.

Research Groups:
ViOLa Lab (Visual Optics Lab)

Others Funded Projects in which he/she participates:
IT – Solare Termodinamico con accumulo Solido

Publications, Research Results, now, in INO’s database are: 88
  –   Papers JCR/ISI Journals, are: 13
  –   Books or Chapters, are: 17
  –   Papers in Journals not indexed JCR/ISI, are: 17
  –   Conference proceedings, are: 5
  –   Abstract, are: 5

Bibliometric indices are calculated USING ONLY THE INO DATABASE and the number of citations from “WEB OF SCIENCE” (of Thomson Reuters) is updated at 2022-01-16
  –   maximum number of citations for an article: 88
  –   maximum impact factor (IF) for a journal when an article is published: 3.623
  –   H-INDEX: 6   G-INDEX: 12   HC-INDEX (contemporary): 3 
  –   List of TopTen papers in citations  –   List of TopTen journals in Impact Factor

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