Bartalini Saverio

Professional Profile: Researcher (Employee)
Activity field: Research
Main office/laboratory: Sezione Sesto Fiorentino – LENS
Office phone number: 055-4572500
Laboratory phone number: 055-4572394
ResearcherID: C-5992-2009OrcidID: 0000-0001-8338-748XScopusID: 12238837000
Primary activity: High sensitivity and high precision spectroscopy in the medium and far infrared, by means of new generation Quantum Cascade Laser sources.

Main experiences acquired: Electro-optic and magneto-optic characterization of semiconductor materials.
Neutral atoms trapping and cooling by means of magneto-optic and magnetic traps.
Vacuum systems design.
Design of Magnetic Microtraps for cold neutral atoms.
Spectroscopic techniques in the visible, mid and far infrared regions.
Quantum-cascade laser characterization and application to high-sensitivity and high-precision spectroscopy in the mid infrared.
Laser sources stabilization by frequency locking to atomic-molecular transitions or resonant cavities.
Noise analysis in laser systems.
Noise analysis in electronics.
Automation and control of experimental apparatuses by LabView programming.

Scientific manager for INO of Funded Projects:
Fundamental Research ON TERAhertz Photonic Devices
Aerotrazione con BioCarburanti
Active Ageing at Home
Sincronizzazione in fibra ottica di laboratori distribuiti con standard di tempo e frequenza
Spettroscopia THz Applicata a Nuovi Stati Aggregati della materia

Experiments/Theoretical Study in which he/she participates:
Saturated-absorption cavity ring-down (SCAR) spectroscopy for optical radiocarbon detection
Cavity-enhanced THz molecular spectroscopy
Terahertz imaging of biological samples
Synthesis of terahertz frequencies by optical frequency mixing
Optical frequency comb generation in the mid IR
Photoacoustic sensors for trace gas detection

Others Funded Projects in which he/she participates:
Sistemi innovativi di misura per la protezione dell’ambiente e della salute

Publications, Research Results, now, in INO’s database are: 155
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  –   Books or Chapters, are: 2
  –   Papers in Journals not indexed JCR/ISI, are: 1
  –   Conference proceedings, are: 49
  –   Project results, are: 1
  –   Abstract – Poster – Presentation at conference, are: 43

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