Santonocito Alberto

Professional Profile: (Grant)
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Main office/laboratory: Sezione Sesto Fiorentino – LENS
Office phone number: 0555225315
Primary activity: Identify the application perspectives in the industrial field of a specific branch of nanotechnologies, that of metasurfaces for optical applications, in the spectral bands from the visible to the far infrared, with a declination specifically addressed to the development of solutions of rapid industrial applicability.
The so-called metasurfaces are surfaces covered with arrays of dielectric or metallic structures of sub micrometric dimensions, conceived to give rise to coherent diffusion effects of an incident electromagnetic wave, giving the wavefront reflected or diffused from the metasurface the desired shape, in dependence on the direction of incidence and wavelength.
In optics, this new approach makes it possible to create optical elements with a thickness lower than the wavelength, the so-called metalents. The results of the research indicate that these technologies allow the creation of optical components with unusual properties (not replicable with traditional optical technologies), and with extremely reduced thickness and dimensions (of the order of wavelength).
On the other hand, traditional optical technologies are based on the use of components consisting of glasses or optical materials of macroscopic thickness, which are combined according to complex architectures, depending on the desired functionality for the final device.
The main activities carried out in the project concern the following lines:
– Analysis of construction architectures and nano fabrication and nano structuring technologies applicable to the realization of metasurface and metalants for optical applications. The analysis is aimed in particular at identifying the construction architectures and construction technologies of greater industrial applicability, in terms eg. reproducibility of results, production speed, need for support infrastructures.
– Identification and analysis of possible application cases (case studies) for optical devices, of interest to the industrial partner, where metalent technology can have immediate and incisive effects in terms, for example, of: enabling new construction architectures; significantly reduce dimensions and dimensions compared to traditional technologies, improve performance.
– Preliminary design and identification of general construction solutions for the identified case studies, compatible with industrial needs.

Main experiences acquired: My main skills are around the modeling and design of metasurfaces using physical simulation and optical design software.

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