Gherardini Stefano

Professional Profile: Researcher (Employee)
Activity field:
Main office/laboratory: Firenze – Sede Arcetri
OrcidID: 0000-0002-9254-507X
Primary activity: My primary research activity concerns the theoretical investigation of out-of-equilibrium dynamics and stochastic thermodynamics in the quantum regime. Specifically, these studies focus on quantum fluctuations theorems and are aimed at characterizing irreversible quantum dynamics thanks to the computation of the quantum entropy production. Recently, my research interests also deal with investigating how quantum coherence and quantum correlations have to be accounted in work and heat distributions, and with the evaluation of the thermodynamic cost in measuring a quantum system via a macroscopic apparatus. Apart from their relevance in theoretical physics, if possible, the main findings of these studies are then employed for quantum technologies and quantum engineering.

Main experiences acquired: Binary measurements, networked moving-horizon estimation, Kuramoto models, disordered systems, large deviation theory, measurement postulate of quantum mechanism, quantum Zeno effects, open quantum systems theory, quantum estimation and control, quantum noise sensing, and quantum thermodynamics.

Research Groups:
Diamond quantum nano-engineering
Quantum thermodynamics and statistical physics

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