Research Focus

Luglio 9, 2018

Combinatorial treatment consisting of 3D printed multichannel biodegradable scaffolds and collagene loaded with Nerve Growth Factor facilitates axonal and neuronal regeneration

mm-sized multi-channel biodegradable scaffolds were produced in Italy with micrometer resolution using the innovative 3D printing technique called Mask Projection Excimer laser StereoLithography (MPExSL). In China […]
Giugno 29, 2018
High harmonic spectra

Surface plasmons yield better XUV pulses

A way to produce spatially separated attosecond pulses of coherent extreme ultraviolet (XUV) radiation is to irradiate a solid grating by a superintense, femtosecond laser pulse. […]
Giugno 18, 2018


“More is different”, P. W. Anderson famously wrote in the 1970’s. Understanding how complex phenomena emerge from the simple macroscopic rules of many-body systems has a […]
Giugno 14, 2018

Optimal control for quantum sensing with diamond NV centers – on Physical Review X

Quantum systems are sensitive to external perturbations, which makes them precise sensors but also leaves them vulnerable to undesired noise. Optimal control has great potential for […]
Giugno 12, 2018

Condensate formation and evolution

A Bose-Einstein condensate con be produced by cooling a gas below the condensation critical temperature. The cooling speed across the phase transition determines the turbulence level […]
Maggio 22, 2018

INO-CNR researchers unveils a structural modification in liquid Rubidium at pressures of 75000 atm.

Two distinct liquid phases in an elemental system: Rubidium