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Muon g-2 calibration system data flow

Anno: 2019

Autori: Anastasi A., Anastasio A., Avino S., Bedeschi F., Boiano A., Cantatore G., Cauz D., Ceravolo S., Corradi G., Dabagov S., Di Falco S., Di Meo P., Donati S., Driutti A., Di Sciascio G., Di Stefano R., Escalante O., Ferrari C., Fioretti A., Gabbanini C., Gagliardi G., Gioiosa A., Hampai D., Iacovacci M., Incagli M., Karuza M., Lusiani A., Marignetti F., Mastroianni S., Moricciani D., Nath A., Pauletta G., Piacentino GM., Raha N., Santi L., Smith MW., Venanzoni G.

Affiliazione autori: INFN, Lab Nazionali Frascati, Frascati, Italy; INFN, Sez Napoli, Naples, Italy; INFN, Sez Trieste & GC Udine, Udine, Italy; INFN, Sez Roma Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy; INFN, Sez Pisa, Pisa, Italy; CNR, Ist Nazl Ott, Pisa, Italy; Scuola Normale Super Pisa, Pisa, Italy; Univ Napoli Federico II, Naples, Italy; Univ Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia; PN Lebedev Phys Inst, Moscow, Russia; NR Nucl Univ MEPhl, Moscow, Russia; Univ Cassino, Cassino, Italy; Univ Udine, Udine, Italy; Univ Washington, Seattle, WA 98195 USA; Univ Trieste, Trieste, Italy; CNR, Ist Nazl Ott, Pozzuoli, Italy; Univ Molise, Pesche, Italy

Abstract: In the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab, a calibration apparatus based on a set of laser sources and a distribution system has been designed and implemented by the INFN group. The light pulses are read by specific photodetectors, whose signals are digitized by custom electronics modules designed to match the experimental requirements. The data frames of each module are transmitted to a controller board that performs the eventbuilding process and transfers the reconstructed data to the online farm. In this work we present the architecture and data flow of the acquisition system that depends on the laser calibration program defined inside the Laser Control board. Experimental results on the overall system performances, also including the software processes running both at controller and farm level will be described.


Volume: 936      Da Pagina: 335  A: 336

Parole chiavi: Muon detectors, laser calibration
DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2018.10.005

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