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Spatiotemporal beam shaping in nonlinear multimode fibers

Anno: 2018

Autori: Krupa K., Couderc V., Fabert M., Tonello A., Barthe´le´my A., Kermene V., Desfarges-Berthelemot A., Millot G., Modotto D., Wabnitz S.

Affiliazione autori: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell\’Informazione, Università di Brescia, Via Branze 38, Brescia, 25123, Italy; Universite´ de Limoges, XLIM, UMR CNRS 7252, 123 Av. A. Thomas, Limoges, 87060, France; Universite´ de Bourgogne Franche-Comte´, ICB, UMR CNRS 6303, 9 Av. A. Savary, Dijon, 21078, France; Istituto Nazionale di Ottica del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (INO-CNR), Via Branze 45, Brescia, 25123, Italy

Abstract: Kerr beam self-cleaning in graded-index multimode fibers is accompanied by power-dependent temporal pulse reshaping. We explore the complex nonlinear dynamics with a single long pulse, where the optical power is continuously varied across its profile.

Titolo Convegno:

Parole chiavi: Nonlinear optics; Pulse shaping, Beam-shaping; Complex nonlinear dynamics; Graded-Index Multimode fibers; Long pulse; Optical power; Pulse reshaping; Self cleaning, Multimode fibers
DOI: 10.1364/NP.2018.NpTh4G.3

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