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Ring-shaped fractional quantum Hall liquids with hard-wall potentials

Anno: 2018

Autori: Macaluso E., Carusotto I.

Affiliazione autori: INO, CNR BEC Ctr, I-38123 Povo, Italy; Univ Trento, Dipartimento Fis, I-38123 Povo, Italy

Abstract: We study the physics of nu = 1/2 bosonic fractional quantum Hall droplets confined in a ring-shaped region delimited by two concentric cylindrically symmetric hard-wall potentials. Trial wave functions based on an extension of the Jack polynomial formalism including two different chiral edges are proposed and validated for a wide range of confinement potentials in terms of their excellent overlap with the eigenstates numerically found by exact diagonalization. In the presence of a single repulsive potential centered in the origin, a recursive structure in the many-body spectra and a massively degenerate ground-state manifold are found. The addition of a second hard-wall potential confining the fractional quantum Hall droplet from the outside leads to a nondegenerate ground state containing a well-defined number of quasiholes at the center and, for suitable potential parameters, to a clear organization of the excitations on the two edges. The utility of this ring-shaped configuration in view of theoretical and experimental studies of subtle aspects of fractional quantum Hall physics is outlined.

Giornale/Rivista: PHYSICAL REVIEW A

Volume: 98 (1)      Da Pagina: 013605-1  A: 013605-17

Parole chiavi: edge states; photons;
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.98.013605

Citazioni: 4
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