Vortex Reconnections and Rebounds in Trapped Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates

Anno: 2017

Autori: Serafini S., Galantucci L., Iseni E., Bienaimé T., Bisset R.N. , Barenghi C.F., Dalfovo F., Lamporesi G., Ferrari G.

Affiliazione autori: INO-CNR BEC Center and Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Trento, 38123 Povo, Italy; Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle, and School of Mathematics and Statistics, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU, United Kingdom

Abstract: Reconnections and interactions of filamentary coherent structures play a fundamental role in the dynamics of fluids, redistributing energy and helicity among the length scales and inducing fine-scale turbulent mixing. Unlike ordinary fluids, where vorticity is a continuous field, in quantum fluids vorticity is concentrated into discrete (quantized) vortex lines turning vortex reconnections into isolated events, making it conceptually easier to study. Here, we report experimental and numerical observations of three-dimensional quantum vortex interactions in a cigar-shaped atomic Bose-Einstein condensate. In addition to standard reconnections, already numerically and experimentally observed in homogeneous systems
away from boundaries, we show that double reconnections, rebounds, and ejections can also occur as a consequence of the nonhomogeneous, confined nature of the system.

Giornale/Rivista: PHYSICAL REVIEW X

Volume: 7 (2)      Da Pagina: 021031-1  A: 021031-12

Maggiori informazioni: We acknowledge useful discussions with Fabrizio Larcher, Nick Proukakis, George Stagg, and Marek Tylutki. The work of L. G. is supported by Fonds National de la Recherche, Luxembourg, Grant No. 7745104 and by the Italian National Group of Mathematical Physics (GNFM-INdAM). C. F. B. acknowledges Grant No. EPSRC EP/I019413/1. T. B. and F. D. acknowledge the EU QUIC project for financial support. The work was also financially supported by Provincia Autonoma di Trento.
Parole chiavi: Reconnection; Vortex interaction; Atomic and Molecular Physics
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.7.021031

Citazioni: 76
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