Photon energy lifter

Anno: 2006

Autori: Gaburro Z., Ghulinyan M., Riboli F., Pavesi L., Recati A., Carusotto I.

Affiliazione autori: Department of Physics, University of Trento and CNR-INFM, Povo, I-38050 Trento, Italy; CRS BEC-INFM, Povo, I-38050 Trento, Italy

Abstract: We propose a time-dependent, spatially periodic photonic structure which is able to shift the carrier frequency of an optical pulse which propagates through it. Taking advantage of the slow group velocity of light in periodic photonic structures, the wavelength conversion process can be performed with an efficiency close to 1 and without affecting the shape and the coherence of the pulse. Quantitative Finite Difference Time Domain simulations are performed for realistic systems with optical parameters of conventional silicon technology. (c) 2006 Optical Society of America.

Giornale/Rivista: OPTICS EXPRESS

Volume: 14 (16)      Da Pagina: 7270  A: 7278

Parole chiavi: Time dependent Photonic Crystals
DOI: 10.1364/OE.14.007270

Citazioni: 35
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