Entangled phonons in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates

Anno: 2014

Autori: Finazzi S., Carusotto I.

Affiliazione autori: Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques, Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 and CNRS, Batiment Condorcet,10 rue Alice Domon et Leonie Duquet, 75205 Paris Cedex 13, France; INO-CNR BEC Center and Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita di Trento, via Sommarive 14, 38123 Povo–Trento, Italy

Abstract: We theoretically propose the measurement of phonon entanglement as a tool to study the quantum dynamics of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates. In particular, we show that nonseparability of the phonon modes offers a unambiguous signature of the quantum origin of the phonon emission by analog Hawking and dynamical Casimir processes. The method is numerically validated by applying a generalized Peres-Horodecki criterion to a truncated Wigner description of the condensate. Viable strategies to implement the proposed scheme in state-of-the-art experiments are discussed.

Giornale/Rivista: PHYSICAL REVIEW A

Volume: 90 (3)      Da Pagina: 033607  A: 033607

Maggiori informazioni: This work has been supported by ERC through the QGBE grant and by Provincia Autonoma di Trento. We are grateful to R. Balbinot, D. Gerace, R. Parentani, and J. Schmiedmayer for continuous stimulating exchanges and to C. Ciuti for providing computing resources for the numerical simulations.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.90.033607

Citazioni: 30
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