Non-invasive sex assessment in bovine semen by Raman spectroscopy

Anno: 2014

Autori: De Luca A.C., Manago S., Ferrara M.A., Rendina I., Sirleto L., Puglisi R., Balduzzi D., Galli A., Ferraro P., Coppola G.

Affiliazione autori: National Research Council, Institute of Protein Biochemistry, Via P. Castellino, 111, 80131 Naples, Italy; National Research Council, Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems, Via P. Castellino 111, 80131 Naples, Italy; Istituto Sperimentale Italiano Lazzaro Spallanzani, Localitá La Quercia, 26027 Rivolta d\’Adda (CR), Italy; National Research Council, National Institute of Optics, Via Campi Flegrei 34, 80078 Pozzuoli (NA), Italy

Abstract: X- and Y-chromosome-bearing sperm cell sorting is of great interest, especially for animal production management systems and genetic improvement programs. Here, we demonstrate an optical method based on Raman spectroscopy to separate X- and Y-chromosome-bearing sperm cells, overcoming many of the limitations associated with current sex-sorting protocols. A priori Raman imaging of bull spermatozoa was utilized to select the sampling points (head-neck region), which were then used to discriminate cells based on a spectral classification model. Main variations of Raman peaks associated with the DNA content were observed together with a variation due to the sex membrane proteins. Next, we used principal component analysis to determine the efficiency of our device as a cell sorting method. The results (>90% accuracy) demonstrated that Raman spectroscopy is a powerful candidate for the development of a highly efficient, non-invasive, and non-destructive tool for sperm sexing.


Volume: 11 (5)      Da Pagina: 055604  A: 055604

Maggiori informazioni: This work was partially supported by the SESSIBOV project from the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. ACDL is supported by an AIRC Start-up Grant 11454 and a FIR project RBFR12WAPY. The authors thank Dr C Wilson for the critical reading of the manuscript.
Parole chiavi: Raman spectroscopy; biophotonics; sex-sorting; spermatozoa;
DOI: 10.1088/1612-2011/11/5/055604

Citazioni: 28
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