Phase space dynamics after the breaking of a relativistic Langmuir wave in a thermal plasma

Anno: 2014

Autori: Grassi A., Fedeli L., Macchi A., Bulanov S. V., Pegoraro F.

Affiliazione autori: Department of Physics “Enrico Fermi”, University of Pisa, 56127 Pisa, Italy; National Institute of Optics, National Research Council (CNR/INO), 56127 Pisa, Italy; QuBS, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, 1-8-7 Umemidai, Kizugawa, 619-0215 Kyoto, Japan

Abstract: The relativistic Vlasov equation is integrated numerically in an Eulerian framework in order to
investigate the phase space development of the wavebreak of a relativistic Langmuir wave in a thermal
plasma. Relativistic kinematic and beam loading effects lead to a “differential retardation” in the time
required by the electrons to evolve in phase space, the largest momentum electrons taking the longest
time. This leads to the formation of a long lasting spike in momentum space at the wavebreak position
that propagates with a velocity close to the speed of light and to an extremely steep density change in
coordinate space.


Volume: 68 (6)      Da Pagina: 178  A: 178

Parole chiavi: Vlasov equation; Vlasov-Maxwell simulation; wavebreaking; electron wakefield acceleration; laser-plasma interactions
DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2014-50153-0

Citazioni: 8
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