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Resolution limitation in EBL optical grating fabrication on InGaAsP/InP substrate

Anno: 1990

Autori: Gentili M., Gella L., Lucchesini A., Meneghini G.(*), Scopa L.

Affiliazione autori: IESS – CNR – Roma – Italy
(*)CSELT – Torino – Italy

Abstract: Monte Carlo (MC) simulation and experimental point exposure energy distribution on InP substrate are used to describe the total energy response of 1st and 2nd order gratings for
InP based solid state lasers. A good agreement between theoretical calculations and experimental obtained data is achieved. The triple Gaussian approximation of the energy density profiles is suggested by an analysis of computed primary electron energy spectra. Examples of both dry and wet etched gratings in InP substrate and InGaAsP epitaxial layers, which fit with calculation are given.


Volume: 18      Da Pagina: 345  A: 348

Maggiori informazioni: ISSN: 0393-2648
Scopus id: 2-s2.0-002550814
Parole chiavi: electron beam lithography; Monte Carlo; gratings; distributed feedback lasers;

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