DISVAR93: A software package for determining systematic effects in X-ray powder diffractometry

Anno: 1995

Autori: Berti G., Giubbilini S., Tognoni E.

Affiliazione autori: Dip. Scienze della Terra, Università di Pisa

Abstract: Disvar93 is a collection of programs devised to process XRPD patterns with the aim of determining this parameters of systematic instrumentation and sample effects. These effects have an influence on data uncertainty and also accuracy of the adopted models describing diffraction phenomena. Such modeling is carried out through the mathematical X-.ray powder diffraction theory, while parameter optimizazion is achieved by using the additive property of x2 abd constraining the models to coverage simultaneously to the same minimum in a restrained Hilbert’s space. The package has been designed to allow both user interaction as well as automatic linking of programs managed by one main menu and offer several options to satisfy individual user requirements.


Volume: 10 (2)      Da Pagina: 104  A: 111

Parole chiavi: X-ray diffraction