Multi-diagnostic approach to characterize the onset of formation of nanoparticles in a premixed laminar ethylene/air flame

Anno: 2008

Autori: Paganini E., Mariotti G., Gasperetti S., Vallebona C., Predolin L., Muré E., Palleschi V., Salvetti A., Tognoni E.

Affiliazione autori: ENEL Produzione Ricerca, Via Andrea Pisano 120, 56122 Pisa, Italy;
Institute for Chemical-Physical Processes, Research Area of National Research Council, Via G. Moruzzi 1, 56124 Pisa, Italy

Abstract: The onset of formation of nanoparticles in a premixed laminar ethylene/air flame was studied using optical and non-optical diagnostic techniques. The optical techniques (Visible Imaging, Spectroscopic analysis of optical emission, Laser Induced Incandescence and Optical Extinction) were checked against the direct measurement of particles size distribution done with a commercial sampler. The diagnostic techniques were set up on a standard burner (McKenna). The combustion conditions were varied by tuning two experimental parameters: the equivalent ratio Phi and the cold gases velocity v. Values of Phi were investigated in the range 1.3 to 2.2, in combination with cold unburned gas velocities of 5, 7 and 10 cm/s. By varying the combustion conditions, a transition in the signal detected by the different techniques was observed. The transition was put in correspondence with the sensitivity of the given technique to the onset of the nanoparticles formation. A comparison of the sensitivity of the different techniques was performed.
The different sensitivities of the diagnostics and the different information that they provide confirmed the need for a multi-diagnostics setup for the characterization of nanoparticle production during the combustion process.


Volume: 63 (2)      Da Pagina: 191  A: 201

DOI: 10.1016/j.sab.2007.11.031

Citazioni: 7
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