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Sensitive detection of acetylene absorption in the visible by using a stabilized AlGaAs diode laser

Anno: 1993

Autori: Pavone FS., Marin F., Inguscio M., Ernst K., di Leonardo G.

Affiliazione autori: Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy;
European Lab. for Nonlinear Spectroscopy (LENS), Firenze, Italy; Firenze, Univ., Florence, Italy;
Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Largo E. Fermi 6, 50125 Firenze, Italy;
Dip. di Chimica Fisica ed Inorganica, Univ. di Bologna, Italy

Abstract: Overtone transitions of C2H2 at 789 nm are investigated by means of an AlGaAs laser operating in an external optical cavity configuration. Relative amplitude noise is of a few parts per million (ppm) and permits an absorption detection limit of 0.2 ppm/km. Self-broadening and air broadening is measured for two components of the observed band [P(11) at 12646.966 and R(5) at 12688.699/cm-1].

Giornale/Rivista: APPLIED OPTICS (2004)

Volume: 32 (3)      Da Pagina: 259  A: 262

Parole chiavi: acetylene; aluminum gallium arsenide lasers; laser stability

Citazioni: 27
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